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BookStrand Romance Collection

Award-winning mainstream romance, intense and exciting
...always with a happy ending



Ice King (MF)

Formats: HTML, EPUB, Adobe Acrobat,

Price: $2.99

BookStrand Romance
Ice King (MF)
by Karly Maddison

Categories: Science Fiction, Futuristic
Word Count: 30,943
Heat Rating: STEAMY
[Bookstrand Futuristic Sci-Fi Romance, HEA]
Corina Blaze, Earthling and second-in-command of the mighty starship, The Dread Moon, attends a masquerade party and decides to experiment with one of the compelling and enigmatic alien males there. When she later finds out that the man she’s experienced the most amazing intimate encounter of her life with is actually her mission leader, Captain Junner, she’s mortified, and tension between them grows as they head to the Ice World, Zekurea, to collect a mysterious dragon beast for research purposes.
However, the situation turns grave when Captain Junner is incapacitated and Corina is forced to take charge of the ship. Unfortunately she soon makes a critical choice that jeopardizes the success of the entire mission and alienates her from Captain Junner. If only she could locate the lost treasure that he mysteriously can’t remember, before they arrive back at Alliance Headquarters—the precious gift that has the power to reverse the failure of the mission and change everything.
A BookStrand Mainstream Romance

Ice Queen (MF)

Formats: Adobe Acrobat, EPUB, HTML,

Price: $2.99

BookStrand Romance
Ice Queen (MF)
by Karly Maddison

Categories: Science Fiction, Futuristic
Word Count: 33,264
Heat Rating: SENSUAL
[BookStrand Futuristic Sci-Fi Romance, HEA]
Captain Zamara of Xephon has never been fond of strangers or aliens and is bothered that she has to put up with them on her latest mission. But it’s James Marsden, the golden-haired Earthling and Alliance negotiator  that bothers her most of all. She’s whispered to be the Ice Queen, cool, calculating and always in control—yet ever since Marsden boarded her ship he’s consistently attempted to defrost her legend with his inexplicable human charm.
As they set course for distant worlds, she’s not sure which is worse, that her amazing first kiss with James was accidentally broadcast to her entire crew, or that she secretly craves more or his amorous attentions. As they follow the battleship, the Xenxaphan, on a tenuous rescue mission near hostile alien territory, tensions rises and the sparks fly as fast as the gossip that surrounds them.
A BookStrand Mainstream Romance

In His Own Time (MF)

Formats: Mobipocket, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Reader, EPUB, HTML

Price: $3.99

Cover Art by Harris Channing

ISBN: 1622425618
Trade Paperback $14.50

BookStrand Romance
In His Own Time (MF)
by Melissa Jarvis

Categories: Historical, Time Travel
Word Count: 74,987
Heat Rating: SENSUAL
[BookStrand Historical Romance, time travel, HEA] There is a traitor in the time travel organization the Lineage, and it’s up to new recruit Victoria Vasquez to discover his identity. After an incident (and stolen kiss) on her first assignment in 1923 Egypt, she suspects she knows who it is. Veteran agent Banderan of Ibile is hiding a secret, one that could endanger everything he holds dear. He will do whatever it takes to ensure his goal, no matter who gets in his way. Victoria has fought hard for her independence, and has no time for arrogant know-it-all men. When both Victoria and Banderan are assigned to 1848 Gold Rush California, they find themselves entangled in a web of deceit and lies. And when they are cut off from the Lineage, it will be up to Victoria to decide if the man she has come to love is a traitor or a hero. A BookStrand Mainstream Romance READ MORE

In the Air Tonight (MF)

Formats: Mobipocket, Microsoft Reader, EPUB, HTML, Adobe Acrobat

Price: $3.99

Cover Art by Jinger Heaston

ISBN: 1622417437
Trade Paperback $14.99

BookStrand Romance
In the Air Tonight (MF)
by Lainey Bancroft

Categories: Contemporary, Romantic Suspense
Word Count: 87,881
Heat Rating: STEAMY
[BookStrand Romantic Suspense, HEA] As reigning queen of Toronto’s talk radio, Lacy Monroe has found the venue to rise above her questionable past without stifling her natural tendency to speak freely. Until the media dubs her "Loose Lacy," and a fan crosses the line from "caller" to telephone stalker. When her apartment is broken into, Lacy grows desperate to discover the identity of her caller. Could it be Mark, the ex-boyfriend who dumped her because he felt she’d prostituted herself for her job? Johnny Rock, the sexist drive-time DJ at the station where she works? Or could the caller be firefighter Reid Walker, the winner of her Dream Date contest? Reid believes the subject matter of her show should be censored, yet he doesn’t seem to mind setting her sheets ablaze. Lacy searches for answers and discovers the past she thought she’d escaped has everything to do with her present problems. A BookStrand Mainstream Romance READ MORE

Incidents at Balboa (MF)

Formats: Microsoft Reader, Mobipocket, HTML, Adobe Acrobat, EPUB

Price: $4.99

Cover Art by Jinger Heaston

ISBN: 1619266156
Trade Paperback $14.50

BookStrand Romance
Incidents at Balboa (MF)
by Dana Fiduccia

Categories: Contemporary, Science Fiction
Word Count: 70,461
Heat Rating: STEAMY
[BookStrand Sci-Fi Romance] Incidents at Balboa, a science fiction romance novel, weaves a story about how two people’s lives entangle in a web of unforeseen circumstances that seem coincidental. Laura Garcia, a thirty-nine-year-old woman, works as a nurse of pediatric oncology. She experiences a significant time loss incident one night while walking alone on the Balboa Pier. Laura meets Michael Cello, a retired science teacher and writer. He finds her beauty and intelligence captivating, so he starts courting her. She discovers through Michael’s involvement and interest in her that she has healing powers. Michael persuades her into healing terminally ill children on her hospital ward. Michael meets Laura’s mother, Victoria, and develops an intuitive feeling that Laura, Victoria, and he interconnect in some mysterious way. While Michael searches for the truth about his intuition, he and Laura encounter romance, self-doubt, and unexpected outcomes in their adventures together. Find the secret to how Laura's lover, Michael Cello, regains his youth. A BookStrand Mainstream Romance READ MORE

Inherited Danger (MF)

Formats: Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Reader, HTML, Mobipocket, EPUB

Price: $5.50

Cover Art by Jinger Heaston

ISBN: 1610346033
Trade Paperback $14.99

BookStrand Romance
Inherited Danger (MF)
by Patricia Clay

Categories: Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, Western/Cowboys
Word Count: 90,546
Heat Rating: STEAMY
[BookStrand Cowboy Romantic Suspense] Arita Carter’s life, defined by her Boston heritage, is disrupted when she inherits her murdered aunt’s Wyoming ranch and meets a cowboy she cannot resist. Clay Harding resents working for an arrogant redhead who knows more about caviar than cattle. Defensive and trying to mask desire for his new boss, Clay treats Arita with indifference. She responds with haughtiness. Gradually, Arita is seduced by Wyoming’s uncluttered open spaces…and by the hunky foreman. One wild night has her questioning her values, her future, and her past, but being shot at sends her back to the security of Boston. Are her feelings for this man, who’s so different from anyone she’s ever known, strong enough to make her give up her work, her family, and her comfortable world to live on a remote ranch? Can she return to Wyoming and face the danger of a killer…and a love that’s totally wrong for her?


A BookStrand Mainstream Romance



Inked (MF)

Formats: , EPUB, HTML, Adobe Acrobat

Price: $3.99

Cover Art by Harris Channing

ISBN: 1627414207
Trade Paperback $12.99

BookStrand Romance
Inked (MF)
by Dawn Kunda

Categories: Contemporary, Romantic Suspense
Word Count: 63,636
Heat Rating: STEAMY
[BookStrand Romantic Suspense, HEA]
Guns and sex make Mary go round…
CIA agent Mary Reiss whirls with anxiety as she’s teamed with the man of her nightmares. She doesn’t need a man. She only needs her job. CIA agent Cal Guevin nearly got her killed, and she doesn’t want that option repeated.    
Cal remembers the gunshot. He remembers the burning kiss. They were both perfect. The shot was meant to kill, yet he interfered and Mary lived. The kiss…the kiss left them to hide behind their badges until now. Apprehension builds as he needs to trust himself to save Mary again.   
Agents Guevin and Reiss lead an operation in Cairo to infiltrate terrorists. The imminent danger reignites their fiery past, yet they have difficulty understanding each other’s idea of romance as they attempt to outmaneuver the deadly terrorists and double agents. With their identities leaked, they debate who to trust. Should they trust each other? Can they?
A BookStrand Mainstream Romance

Irresistibly Dangerous (MF)

Formats: HTML, EPUB, Adobe Acrobat,

Price: $3.99

Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff

ISBN: 1632589451
Trade Paperback $12.99

BookStrand Romance
Irresistibly Dangerous (MF)
by Debra Ann Fisk

Categories: Contemporary
Word Count: 66,812
Heat Rating: STEAMY
[BookStrand Contemporary Romance, HEA]
Artist Cookie Lucus is compelled to rethink her flirtatious, carefree life when a carnival psychic predicts a future love interest with a mysterious hot stranger. Armed with a string of unusual promises, she’s determined to decipher the old woman’s cryptic message.
Slade Hunter is searching for lost treasure off the coast of Florida. Using the theme of Treasure Island, he plans to build a resort on the outskirts of town and no one is going to stand in his way, until curvy artist Cookie Lucas stimulates his unsettled lust. Divided between the project and the woman who haunts his sexual thoughts, Slade slowly grows accustomed to Cookie in his life.
When Slade is almost lost at sea, Cookie learns she’s pregnant and decides to keep it a secret.
Soon, Slade discovers the treasure. This is happiest day of his life with the woman he loves by his side, but it’s short lived when he learns that she’s pregnant and has another secret.
Can Cookie and Slade find true love, or will sudden danger and hidden secrets tear them apart?
A BookStrand Mainstream Romance

Irresistibly Delicious (MF)

Formats: , Adobe Acrobat, EPUB, HTML

Price: $3.99

Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff

ISBN: 1627413812
Trade Paperback $13.99

BookStrand Romance
Irresistibly Delicious (MF)
by Debra Ann Fisk

Categories: Contemporary
Word Count: 83,472
Heat Rating: STEAMY
[BookStrand Contemporary Romance, HEA]
One feisty Southern chef. One sexy city doctor. One thousand miles apart. Trauma draws them together, but will circumstances pull them apart?
Chef Olivia Carson’s painful past haunted her until she discovered the healing solace at the Cozy Cove Inn. She fell in love with the bed and breakfast and its owner, Myra. But her world is rocked to its core after Myra has a life threatening emergency.
When Brady Matthews, Myra's son and a well-known cardiologist in NYC, shows up to care for his mother, sparks fly in more ways than one. Olivia and Brady disagree about everything, all the while fighting the sexual attraction that draws them together. As Brady begins to reevaluate his life and Olivia creates a new career for herself, the risk of scandal and past secrets threatens to rip them apart. 
Will a headstrong surgeon and a gourmet chef learn to accept love? Or will they choose professional success with a side order of loneliness?
A BookStrand Mainstream Romance

Ivy's Homecoming (MF)

Formats: HTML, EPUB, Adobe Acrobat,

Price: $3.50

BookStrand Romance
Ivy's Homecoming (MF)
by Fae Mallory

Categories: Contemporary, Romantic Suspense
Word Count: 55,714
Heat Rating: SENSUAL
[BookStrand Contemporary Romantic Suspense, HEA]
When Finn Doyle won the heart of beautiful socialite Ivy Morgan, he was certain that his happy ending was within his grasp, but Ivy’s father, a powerful judge, had other plans. Blackmailed into abandoning Ivy, Finn vows that one day he will return to make things right. Eight years later, Finn, now a successful businessman, is prepared to make good on his promise, but to do so he must confront more than the web of lies Judge Morgan spun for his daughter.
Ivy is harboring a secret of her own, and when Finn learns the truth, it will change his world forever. Ivy has spent the past eight years determined to forget all about Finn, the man who seduced her and then sold her out. When her father suffers a stroke, she returns to her ancestral home to find Finn waiting for her.
But although her body yearns for his, Ivy is determined to protect her heart—and her son—from Finn.
A BookStrand Mainstream Romance




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